Empty Nest / Emptiness

In his mockumentary “Incident at Lockness”
Film Director Werner Herzog
suggests that the most common profile
for a self proclaimed victim of an alien abduction
is a middle aged woman whose kids have recently left home
He is insinuating perhaps
that having lost a sense of purpose
these women redeem themselves
as the heroin of an extraordinary adventure.
It made me smile.

In a sense, I fit that profile
even though my nest isn’t technically empty yet.
Realizing that my kids don’t care much for me
that they are resentful rather thankful
for my gift of life.
is a real eye opener.
Not only do I need to find a sense of purpose expediently
I need to do something that will redeem myself
in my eyes if not theirs.

See, I never really had a problem
with facing the empty nest stage of my life.
Having been at home with my children for half of my adult life
without money or mobility
I actually looked forward to having some freedom
I only hoped that when they left
it would be because they were ready to test their wings
and not because they couldn’t stand seeing my face anymore.

When your kids leave home after graduation
or after getting their first decent job
you may feel a twinge of sadness
but you also have a sense of accomplishment
When your kids leave , as mine did
because they hold you responsible
for everything that is wrong with them
it’s an entirely different situation.

Either way, I still have kids at home
and most are not ready to take off
But my daughter made it crystal clear
that she only stays for financial / practical reasons
and that she can’t wait to leave
not so much the house , but me.

The UFOs are beckoning me …


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