I Will be Normal Today

Today I decided to stay focused on realistic plans and endeavors.
I chose to ignore the dreams and the fantasies
that occupy my mind most of the time.
I just want to be normal for at least one day.
So today , I toss aside ideas about careers
having to do with exotic animals and documentary films,
I ignore the possibility of a degree in molecular biology or archaeology.
I discard ideas about travel to far away lands.
I forget about meeting my idols in any of these fields.
I block out thoughts of Herzog and Klaus Kinski
Today, I broom, mop, make shopping lists and tidy up.
I will post ads to get rid of all my excess stuff
including inventory from a failed business.
I will apply for accessible jobs
as a clerk or some kind of secretary
and I will plan what to do with my dog
to ease the transition on him.
Today, I am a wife and Mom ,
not a wannabe scientist, film director., jet setter
Today I am 51 and not 25.


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