Neophyte / Sycophant

I learned 2 new words a few months ago.
There is this e-friend site which caters to scientists
I tried to get on it until I realized it was strictly a dating website
but before I moved on, something caught my attention
It was a letter written to the moderator to complain
that the website was attracting undesirables
namely neophytes and sycophants
I had to look both words up
and realized that this letter might have been written
to get rid of people like me.

I am definitely a neophyte because I am a science undergrad and not a scientist. An amatueur and not a professional
( I am an amateur at just about everything I care about actually)
But I felt that a bachelor’s degree in social science might be acceptable for the purposes of this group..
Some people actually go on to scientific careers after completing a bachelor’s degree after all.
Granted, at my age, this is unlikely to happen
but just the same ….

The “Sycophant” bit hurt more.
Is that what I am?
Am I trying to raise my sense of importance
by seeking the company of people who are more educated than I am? Am I a scientist groupie?
Perhaps I am.
I know people who are not educated at all and I am very fond of them
I even admire several of them
But there is something about people who have invested several years in study
that really excites me.
Is that wrong?
For one, they tend to write better, longer letters.
They are better at expression opinions or debating a subject.
They are well read and often well traveled.

The last thing I want is to discuss is knitting, couponing or how to remove stains.
So I seek out people who have other things to talk about
and although interesting people come in many forms
education level is often a short cut to finding such people.
Is that wrong?

If you once trained to be an athlete
but didn’t make it
would it not be natural to seek out people who work in athletics

If you were a music student but did not make it as musician
wouldn’t it be natural to enjoy the company of musicians.

It’s like travelling to a foreign country and bumping into someone who is from your own.
It’s exciting.
How can that be wrong?

Just because I am a mother doesn’t mean all I want to talk about is babies and parenting.
There is more to me than this.

I can’t get those words out of my head for some reason
The worse insults are the ones that ring true I guess


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