Like most schizophrenics, John Nash (who inspired the film “A Beautiful Mind) felt that the reality imposed on him was in fact the lie. The treatment which was suppose to reconcile him with reality felt like “brainwashing”, a denial of self
something he must fight and escape at all costs.

It is interesting to note that the high incidence of suicide among schizophrenics
is associated with treatment rather then the illness itself.
Realizing that you are not what you believe yourself to be
(especially if you believed yourself to be very special and superior)
can be heartbreaking, yet it is imperative to the healing processing.

I find it fascinating that in some cases, illness causes joy and high self esteem
while the cure brings grief and destroys self esteem.

It is no wonder that so many people are engaged in the search for alternate realities…

Nobody actually cares all that much about truth. We seek truth that feels good and sooth our existential anxiety, or truth that makes us feel RIGHT. Science is suppose to get at the truth by eliminating all human bias. But does it actually do this? People who do not have a background in science can not verify for themselves. They must ironically take a leap of faith in trusting the science. We assume that if it appears in a reputable peer reviewed journal, it has to be true. But even scientists will admit it isn’t always so. Moreover, yesterday’s superstitions may be today’s science. But could today’s science may be tomorrow’s nonsense?

What we recognize as truth is often a human construct.
We all think of the earth as being divided into countries and cities. But the the first thing astronauts notice from space is that those divisions don’t actually exist.

Colors look different to different species. We categorize them according to our human reality but those categories would make no sense to a bee or even a dog.

Quantum Physicist proved that particles of light can exist in multiple places at the same time.

Even time is relative according to Einstein, right?

What we term “mental illness” is simply a way of seeing the world that contradicts the way most of us see the world. If they don’t play by our rules, they belong in prisons or mental institutions. At any rate, they must be “cured” which involves substituting their reality for ours.

I am not advocating this way of looking at science or mental illness. I am just trying to look at it from another perspective


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