Two Types of Bucket List

I think there are 2 kinds of bucket lists
Those aimed at taking in as much as you can from the world before you go
and those that are about contributing as much as possible to the world before you go
And I am more into the latter.
Not for legacy’s sake
I don’t care about my image or recognition after my death
I only care in as so much as it affects the loved ones I leave behind
But I wanted to have a living legacy
A life in which I can see the results of my contributions in my lifetime.

So how do I take a goal like “working with snakes”
and turn it into the other kind of experience
“playing with snakes”?
“reading about snakes”?
“visiting snakes”?
“Befriending a snake expert”?
These are not second best
They are other types of items altogether
(from my perception anyway)

It’s the same with all of my other ambitions
take “Working in the field of cancer research”
How can you find a substitute for that?
“Raise money for cancer research”?

How about “making a film”
Do you substitute that with “watching films”
“Having a friend who made a film?”

How about writing a book?
I suppose you can always write the book as a hobby
and never publish it
But it just doesn’t cut it for me
It would not be in the intended spirit

Most of my bucket list items are like that.

Perhaps the living legacy bucket list is just as selfish
It means I am not content about simply experiencing
I only experience joy If I can impact people with my experiences
and preferably receive their positive feedback
It makes my bucket list items dependant on some form of approval.
The reason why my items are professional goals
is because I tend to have contempt for the amateur
I have this caricature of him /her as a bumbling idiot
a phony and a wannabe
who thinks he knows it all but clearly doesn’t
And my greatest fear what that I would be lumped with them.
When you do something professionally
you come across as more believable, more competent
It is what differentiates the stamp collector from the stamp historian
the ecologist from the tree hugger
the astronomer from the astrologer or the sci fi nerd
I have a great need for credibility
And my bucket list reflects that
I am perhaps wrong to feel the way I do
Incompetent people can hide behind degrees and even professional affiliations
and their are brilliant and very knowledgable people
who never had the opportunity to have an advanced education
Jacques Fresco comes to mind
He is an idol of mine , 100 years old and self made everything
One of the wisest persons on this planet.


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